Friday, January 29, 2010

Tuna Patty, Made the Wrong Way

In honor of my 27th birthday (tomorrow), I am taking a day off from the computer so I can pretend like I'm 10 again, before the internet was invented. It's only going to be for 24 hours, but I haven't done that in so long. I'm seriously glued to the computer just about all day, mainly because my job requires it, and my eyes are starting to hate me. I probably won't post again until Monday, unless I really feel like doing a post on Sunday, we'll see how much fun I have tomorrow night (if you know what I mean...) .

Check out the frozen yogurt I made last night! I used the normal recipe for vanilla ice cream (you can find it under "desserts" on my recipe list to the right) but I used about 2 T less sugar. I also added that sugar back by throwing in some granola, chocolate chips, and Reese's Pieces!

Tuna Patties

3 ounces canned tuna
1 egg white
25 grams whole wheat crackers
1 tsp EVOO/or just PAM

** I use grams because most crackers will give the servings in grams, weirdly enough. You can just estimate, it's not an exact science **

Possible Modifications
  • Use any type of cracker you wish
  • Use bread if you'd prefer bread over crackers
  • Add some spices. Maybe some garlic, pepper, or curry powder!
  • Use canned chicken or salmon!
  • Make the patty larger, or make more by doubling/tripling the recipe


This is an easy one. Put the crackers in a bag and crush them into pieces (no particular size, just try to make them uniform). After draining the canned tuna, and breaking it up with a fork, get a medium bowl and add to it the can of tuna and the egg white. Use a clean pair of hands (or a fork) to blend in the egg white with the tuna. Then add the crushed crackers and blend in with the tuna and egg white. Add some oil, or just PAM spray, to a skillet, and get it hot. Form the tuna mixture into a patty and cook over medium heat until both sides are slightly brown.

Final product!

It looks a little prettier with the side of red peppers that I sauteed. Normally you would eat this with a bun or a couple pieces of bread, but of course I don't have any wheat free bread yet (I'll save that story for another post).

I actually had to use rice since I had zero access to wheat free crackers or bread. I would NOT recommend using rice. The nutrition facts below are for the recipe above, which used whole wheat crackers:

Additional Benefit
~ 275 mg omega-3

My Rating: 7 out of 10
Obviously I think this would have been better had I had access to wheat free crackers.

Nick's Rating: HAHA!! Too funny, you think Nick would try a tuna patty?! Oh you're sorely mistaken.

Whenever I type "Coming Up" I imagine the guy on the Bachelor. He always says that when it goes to a commercial. Not that I watch the me. So as I said, I'm not posting or even looking at my computer screen tomorrow (hmm, I may Tweet a couple times...). We don't have any outrageous plans, but I told Nick I wanted to go rock climbing. Now don't forget, we live in Ohio. It's not a bunch of farms like many of you might think, but there sure as heck aren't many rocks to climb! That's why we are going to a place called Vertical Adventures, which is filled with about 20 different "fake" rocks. So yeah, not as cool as the real thing, but still tons of fun. After that we are going to a new sushi restaurant with my family. Low key, just how we like it. I did happy hour with my mom and girlfriends last night. It was a really great time.

This may have to be my slogan for the next couple days.

I'll be back Sunday or Monday. Until then, thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINA!! Hope you have a wonderful one!!

  2. Happy Birthday Gina!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  3. Hope you have a great b-day! Enjoy that rock climbing.

    I like your idea of being computer free for the day. I do at least one day every time I take vacation from work. It is ways a welcomed break for my eyes and also just for my well being.

    See you when you get back!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I love that you're taking time OFF the computer!

    Have an amazing day tomorrow!

  5. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GINA!!! Have a wonderful day and don't even think about the computer!

    Your frozen desserts always look SOOOOO good!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! The rock climbing sounds like a ton of fun :) (Here in Fla all we have is fake rocks too, ha!)Cheers!

  7. Happy Birthday!
    I love indoor rock climbing. I used to have a membership at a place in RI, but it expired. I should renew it this weekend...gonna dig out my gear now!

  8. happy birthday GINA!!!! I also enjoy more low-key celebration! :)
    have awesome time with your love!

  9. Happy birthday!

    I hope you have a blast rock climbing! "Fake" rock climbing is one of my favorite activities. I'd never have the guts to do it on a real rock!

  10. Happy Birthday!

    If I was pretending to be 10 on my birthday I would be at the rollar skating rink with big pom poms on my skates!

  11. Happy early Birthday! Enjoy your weekend and have fun rock climbing!!

  12. Have a great birthday weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Happy Birthday girl!!! I hope you have an awesome birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday!! Love your tuna creation! Have a great weekend!

  15. Happy birthday!! I love the idea of going 24 hours free of the computer. We could all use this! Enjoy it, you deserve it. Also, that ice cream looks like a good birthday treat!! I hope you'll be enjoying some of that. Also, how much is 25 grams of crackers?

  16. Happy Birthday Gina! Hope you have an amazing Birthday weekend, and hope your eyes enjoy your time off the computer! :)
    Have fun rock climbing!!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! Have a great internet vacation and enjoy time with Nick for your birthday. Love the variation on the tuna melt. I like mine on bagels, hey, I'm Jewish! Good luck rock climbing. I haven't done it in a while but it is a lot of fun.

    And for the dialysis restrictions, I think they were just happy to have the patients eat, and their diaylsis machines look like they came from our country but like from 50 years ago. They were in a sterile room and we watched from behind the glass. Family memebers were allowed in, but I just remember they were eating a lot dark green veggies and I swear I saw someone with a banana. Lots of soups too which was what got me. They were even drinking coke.

  18. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Rock climbing sounds so fun, and of course sushi doesn't hurt either!

    Did you add any spices to the tuna patties? I bet they would be good with a kick- I'm obsessed with paprika and chili powder now..oh, and dill!

  19. have an amazing birthday!!! enjoy your time away from teh computer :) love sushi


  20. Have a great birthday, Gina.. relax and enjoy it to the fullest!!!

    I answered you on my blog but in case ya missed it...yes I do supplements. I currently take B12, Zinc, Evening Primrose Oil, and Echinacea everyday! It took me awhile to understand what my bod needed..but I think Im okay now! lol :)

  21. Happy Early Birthday! I love the idea of "unplugging" for a day! But I do want a full (well...if you leave some things out I'll understand, hehe) recap of your special day next week!


  22. Happy Birthday to you!!! I know I asked Chris the other day what we did without computers. It's almost impossible to think of, but so nice to have a little break from it. It seems like that's all I do too! mmm I like fish patties, and usually use canned salmon. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family!

  23. Love the dove chocolate saying!!! I will have another 5 please is what I would say!!!!

    YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow girl!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend, and yay for sushi (my favortie ever, please take pics !) and I hope you have some yummy birthday cake!! Relax and be blog free this weekend!!!!!

    I dont know why I didnt love the blueberry luna bar, my tastebuds were maybe off yesterday, lol!!!

    Love ya girl! Happy 27th tomorrow!!!

  24. I wish I could reach through the screen and try that frozen yogurt! Have a WONDERFUL AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  25. Happy Birthday, Gina! Have a great day! And have fun rock climbing!

  26. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a perfect, wonderful, beautiful, delicious Birthday weekend!!

    I love your idea of taking a day or two off from the computer - I should do the same! :-) 'Tis so true, when we were kids there was no internet to occupy us! My parents didn't even have a computer until I was almost finished high school... *giggles* :-)

    Your tuna patties sound SO scrumptious, and I was just sitting here thinking about fixing something with canned salmon for dinner! Gina, you must have read my mind! :-) Thank you for the perfect recipe! :-) You're the best, as always! :-)

  27. Happy Birthday Gina!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend :)

  28. Happy birthday Gina! Have a wonderful weekend!


    hope you kill it rock climbing :) and then you booze it up sans computer and have a fabulous time with nicky!

    don't lie you know you watch the bach ;)

  30. Have a great birthday!

    Love the tuna patty idea - I have a recipe I love for salmon burgers but this looks even simpler. I will have to try it!

    Enjoy your technology free day - it is so nice to unplug for a little while!

  31. Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to the best RD and most beautiful lady in the world, happy birthday to you!

    I've never really had a tuna burger before. Too bad Nick won't try it...I'll have a bite for him! ;-)
    I think I would add some onions in there, though.

  32. wow that dessert looks seriously amazing! i am very impressed!! happy birthday sweet girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you have so much fun. your plans sound perfect!

  33. Happy Birthday!! Have a nice relaxing one :)

  34. Gina- Happy Birthday to you!!

    Enjoy your unplugged weekend - have a fabulous time!

  35. Yay! Happy Birthday Gina! Celebrate your birthday--good old fashioned style! Getting away from the computer will be refreshing and good for ya! Enjoy!

  36. Just have those drinks AFTER the rock climbing! : )

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GINA! I hope it's a great one!!!

  37. Just found your blog - your recipes look fantastic! Glad to find it and look forward to reading.

  38. I just made this for lunch today! Well I used a different recipe but the same concept! I did mine on a sandwich thin and put swiss cheese on the top :)

  39. Yum, that tuna patty looks good- not as good as the ice cream above though. I have a serious ice cream problem haha.


  40. u can make salmon cakes or fish cakes with the fish + potatoes, etc...then fry them up in a skillet
    happy bday.

  41. I hope you're having a fantastic Birthday! Can't wait to hear all about the rock climbing!

  42. Happy Birthday Gina! Hope you had a fantastic day!

  43. Hey Gina...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I celebrate all the leaps you've made this past year...I am the btter because of you.
    Hey,I would love to interveiw you about something...can you email me?

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