Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Loaded Potato, and a Supplement Drink Review

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope this week is going well for you. My week has been much better than the previous weeks, that's for sure. Buying a new house has been a lot more stressful than I thought, and Nick is also changing jobs and starting with a new company soon, which adds to the stress. It's a risky move, but I think it will be a good one (more information to come, as well as some updates on my own work life..more stress....).

On Monday night I made a sweet potato recipe that I found on Jessica's blog, which I will post another day, but today it's loaded baked potato time!

Quick, Healthy, and Cheap Recipe #23
Loaded Baked Potato


1 medium potato
1/2 cup broccoli
1/4 cup avocado
1 T blue cheese dressing
3 ounces grilled chicken
Pepper for taste

Possible Modifications
  • Use any vegetable you wish, to replace the broccoli
  • Use any dressing you wish (sour cream or plain Greek yogurt maybe?)
  • Use more or less chicken, or even tempeh or tofu!
  • Add any spices you wish
- Poke some holes in a plain potato. Pop it in the microwave for 10-13 minutes, or until it's soft to your liking (you could also bake or boil the potato, but the microwave is much faster). Once it's finished, put it on a plate and cut it into four sections (or you could just cut it in half).

- Prepare the avocado by slicing it on a cutting board. Cook your broccoli (I buy frozen broccoli and steam it) and cook your chicken (I like to marinate mine in a little EVOO, then cook it on the stove until it's cooked all the way through).

- Add all the toppings in whatever order you wish. Then enjoy!

Nutrition Facts

Nick and I both gave this a 9 out of 10. Why had it been so long since we had made a baked potato?!?! They are so healthy, when prepared the right way (ie not deep fried or drenched in sour cream and cheese).

Coming Up
Tomorrow I will post about a new summer/spring spinach salad I've been making lately. Mmm, it's so good! I will also post some of the great nutritional benefits provided by the wonderful spinach plant (and when I say great, I mean it).

Thanks for reading everyone, and have a wonderful day!


  1. I also haven't had a baked potato in a long time, and that looks so good! Maybe for dinner this week. ;)

  2. Those energy drinks scare me...I'll just stick with coffee!! :-) When I think about how my friends and I used to mix them with alcohol in college...shudder.

  3. This drink definitely looks interesting. I'm glad to hear it doesn't contain any caffeine like typical drinks similar to these. I'm a firm believer in the power of certain herbs, especially ones like turmeric and cinnamon which have had tons of studies conducted on them. I agree though, I really wish they would give the amounts. I can't imagine the amounts are too significant or the drink would probably taste pretty funky.

  4. Thanks for the review. I am typically not a fan of energy drinks but this does seem better than most. I like that it doesn't contain caffeine.

  5. sounds like a stessful time....even good things like new houses and new jobs bring on negative stress for the loaded baked potato-thanks for sharing!

  6. Loaded baked potatoes are the go to meal when we don't feel like cooking in our house. I try to stay away from energy drinks in fear of the dreaded "crash." I do love my morning cup of coffee though.

  7. I love a homemade baked potato!

    In grad school a baked potato with black beans, salsa and cheese was my staple - lacking in some veggies but still not too bad!

  8. Mmmmm that baked potato looks amazing and yummy!!!

    Energy drinks have so many bad things in them! I used to love sugar free red bulls, glad I dont drink them anymore!

    Have a great week love!!!

  9. OH YUMS that potato looks amazing!!!!! it would be perfect on this rainy cold day!

    Thanks for the energy drink review!

    Congrats to Nick on his new job! GOOD LUCK!

  10. i know this sounds not soo good beccause i LOVE coffee, but energy drinks scare me...maybe I drink them too fast, but I always feel super jittery afterwards! maybe this one is different?? thanks for the review!

    i LOVE baked potatoes!!

  11. okay im definitely in love with that potato recipe! wow!!!

    i also NEVER have energy drinks.. okay well coffee kind of counts tho.. but yea too much of that stuff wouldnt be good especially if one had adrenal gland issues! lol

  12. Now THAT'S the kind of loaded baked potato I like! :)

    I didn't know that ginseng could have funny side effects. I guess it's a good idea to not overdo any kind of supplement, especially since a lot of them tend to be very expensive.

    I hope nothing is wrong with the stresses in your life right now :( I hope things are ok with you.

  13. I am so late in saying this, but I laughed when I heard you had a dream about us planning your wedding! Too cute! I hope it comes true :) How wonderful would that be!! It sounds like you and Nick are doing great - and I hope this job transition goes smoothly for the both of you!

    The drink labels as a food and having GRAS standing with the FDA -is- impressive. I have to give a thumbs up to that!

  14. I am just catching up on all my blog reading and I missed your posts. Good luck with the house hunting!

  15. I haven't had a potato in a long time. Yours looks and sounds great!

    Thanks for pointing out (once again) that it's really important to make sure we know what we put in our bodies!

  16. That's exactly what I had last night! I love baked potatoes and love throwing anything and everything on top!

  17. It's great to be informed about what goes into our bodies, isn't it?

  18. dude i would be ALL about this recipe if it didn't include blue cheese hahaha sorry i'm sorry i just can't handle blue cheese chunkiness! it goes in the same category for me as the sound of mac n cheese. gah! but if i left out the blue cheese sounds like a sweet potato recipe (hahahahaha get it. even though its not made with sweet potates) i still liked the joke

  19. Thanks for the debrief on the energy drinks. I've always been very wary of those things--plain ole water or ice tea works for me. Or coffee =)

    The high school students drink so many of those, it is ridiculous. They have them for breakfast and then wonder why they crash and burn or can't sleep at night!

  20. Yumm I haven't had a loaded potato in forever! I should def. make this at home!

    Thanks for the drink review. It sounds healthier than Red Bull at least! I like that the company took the time to clarify all of your concerns.

  21. The loaded potato looks Yum-o!

    Thanks for sharing an honest review of the energy drink!!

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