Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Supersize to Superfoods

To super STUD!

Yep, that's my man. This guy was eating burgers and fries for dinner, and using tobacco products three times a day when I met him over five years ago.

Now he's growing his own produce.

And eating one of these every morning.

Yep, that's right, a smoothie with 1 banana, 1 cup of nutrient-packed spinach, 1/2 cup of antioxidant-packed pumpkin puree, and 1/4 cup cancer and disease-fighting blueberries. Missing from this picture is the unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze that I add to the smoothie. It's fortified with vitamin D, which is incredibly important for all of us now that we aren't getting as much sun.

Who says you can't change a man? I sure did. I think his dad's stroke at age 60 may have also played a role. Not to mention the fact that Nick is actually one of the smartest people I know (ugh, I hate to admit that he's probably smarter than me in many respects). And yes, he is also tobacco-free these days, and hopefully forever.

I even got him to change his mind about salmon.....

Ok, I'm lying, he wouldn't eat this if I told him it was his last meal, ever. Not even with a nice layer of blueberry preserves on top.

Maybe because it looks like this when I take it out of the oven.

What are those? Boils?
No, they are just globules of fat oozing out of the salmon. Don't scrape it off, it's good fat...right?! And good salmon. He's missing out. But hey, at least I convinced him to take a fish oil pill every day.

What a stud.

Question: Do you have any advice on getting loved ones to eat healthier?


  1. I love this post! We do indeed change our men!!! :D Star was never athletic and it took me years to convince him (by model) to start exercising and yesterday he did his first 5K and he actually liked it. He even asked me to sign up for another one! :D
    I've been cooking for him for years to try to make him like eating more... I think he is the inspiration of all my cooking skills!!! :D

  2. nice work changing his health habits! I find that my husband loves what I cook for him, so I try and make stuff that I think he'll enjoy which means he's eating healthy foods! The best part is that I love the cooking and he does all the cleaning :)

  3. That's so wonderful to hear! About a year ago, I started to help transform one of my best friend's diets. I've showed him that vegetables really can taste good! I'm currently introducing my boyfriend to tons of vegetarian meals, and he's loving it. Hopefully mine will learn how to grow a garden too...

  4. Way to go, Nick! I'm sure that he had some great help in changing his health habits and that you also were a fantastic example for him. :-)

  5. Good for Nick, and good for you!! He is a handsome guy indeed! :-) I'm SO impressed that you've taught him to eat such a healthful smoothie for breakfast - wow! Zach has undergone a huge transformation in healthy living since I met him also, although I still probably couldn't get him to eat the pumpkin in the smoothie... :-) sigh. but I do get him to eat either a blueberry-banana smoothie or fiber one cereal for breakfast every morning - yay! :-) I think setting a positive example is the biggest key - I have to remember not to nag... :-)

  6. Excellent job Nick!

    I just believe in trying different ways to cook and prepare different foods is the key to getting someone to eat healthier. Matt is not a vegetable fan but roasting vegetables has gotten him to try new things - and EVEN LIKE THEM!

    Or like you did with the smoothie - hide some good for you things with other things!

  7. This totally describes my hubby!! (Minus the tobacco, my hubby doesn't and won't ever touch the stuff) I have trained him pretty well now though ;) he eats whatever I cook for dinner, but there are days where I lose him!! He still can eat 3 bags of top ramen and not be full. That's right, 3 bags. I have some work to do.... ;)

  8. This totally describes my hubby!! (Minus the tobacco, my hubby doesn't and won't ever touch the stuff) I have trained him pretty well now though ;) he eats whatever I cook for dinner, but there are days where I lose him!! He still can eat 3 bags of top ramen and not be full. That's right, 3 bags. I have some work to do.... ;)

  9. Great post! You know my take on this. I believe in surrounding people with lots and lots of healthy options but giving them freedom to choose what they want and not "forcing" them to eat certain foods. Change takes time, but it will happen gradually.... Nick (and you...) has done great!!! :-)

    Have a great week, Gina!

  10. My husband is the same way (only he likes salmon)! I think when people see how you eat and how good you feel, they start to get curious and then the change starts to happen. My kids are starting to get it too! They actually read labels and are trying new things!

  11. Aw, what a sweet, sweet post. Mike used to only buy orange juice, milk, yogurt, and cookies on his grocery trips before I came along. Now he eats hummus and veggies for snacks.

    I call it re-vamping, not changing men :)

    P.S. your salmon looks great!

  12. Hee hee, why is it always the "men" that usually needs changing? Is it biological or psychological that men just prefers "unhealthier" stuff than women do? Curious...

  13. I love this!

    I don't have a significant other so I'm not an influence on anyone really. I eat like I eat and if others want to follow my example, awesome!

  14. Awesome post, Gina! Hilarious!!

    But, on the serious side, I think there is an important point here.

    To me, the best way to get loved ones to eat healthier is through repeated modeling....with Anthony, I never nag him about his food choices, I just make sure our house is full of healthy food....he knows how important working out is to me...and it seems to rub off.

    Great post- have a great week!!

  15. I'm so impressed with Nick's lifestyle changes! You are a good woman!

    I don't think I could ever get Rick to start his day with a smoothie that contains greens. He's improved his eating habits, but I'm not sure he'll ever eat a green smoothie.

  16. girl nick is seriously the luckiest guy to have you! and clearly he knows it. he's a smart guy because i'm sure he figured out to keep a girl like you around he better be the best he can be!

    send me his brothers.

  17. Love this post! Congrats to Nick for being tobacco free. Cory's diet has definitely gotten healthier since we moved in together but there are some food battles I just can't win. For example, he refuses to try tofu.

    I think leading by example in healthy eating is a huge step. Also, giving your loved one's favorite dish a healthy makeover can dispel the myth that healthy food doesn't taste good.