Monday, January 10, 2011

Fish, Fish, the Magical Food, the More You Eat......


Yep. It's true! Studies have shown that low omega-3 levels in plasma and red blood cells are associated with depression, and other research suggests eating fish lowers the risk of depression and suicide (Natural Standards Database).

I love fish, but I do still take fish oil supplements. I actually take the pills, but many people don't like the pills so they resort to liquids or powders. This powder below is an orange flavored fish oil supplement powder.

It even contains 1200 IU vitamin D. That's a serious bonus.

Add some water to it and voila! It's a delicious drink. Ok, maybe not delicious, but actually not so bad. If you have kids this may be a winner. It reminded me of weak Tang. That sounds gross, but it wasn't bad, I promise.

When I'm not supplementing my omega-3s, I'm joyfully eating them. I made an "Asian-Inspired Tuna Salad" the other day for a recipe demo at work;

Asian-Inspired Tuna Salad

(serves 2)
Mix all of the following ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl:

6 ounces pouched tuna
3 T Greek yogurt
1.5 t wasabi mustard
1/4 cup chopped cashews
1/4 cup chopped avocado
  • Serve on whole wheat bread
  • Serve with whole wheat crackers
  • Serve on a bed of lettuce or spinach
  • Serve in a hollowed-out pepper, then roast it!

I don't have any pictures, but it was a huge hit at the store, I promise. People were shocked that I used Greek yogurt instead of mayo, and that it actually tasted good.

At home I love to make medium rare salmon.

Simple Salmon
(Serves 1)

4 ounces skinless wild salmon
2 tsp. extra virgin olive oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
Dash of salt
Lemon wedge (optional)

Place a piece of foil down on a baking pan and spray with non-stick spray. Place the salmon on top of the foil. Top your fresh salmon with the oil and spices (use your hands to get it all rubbed in nicely!). Broil for about 8 minutes for medium rare, or 12 minutes for medium (the timing really depends on the thickness of the salmon). I always prefer my salmon medium rare, especially if I am planning to freeze it and reheat at a later time (reheating will make it medium).

The salmon can be enjoyed on a spinach salad or alone with a side of sauteed veggies. Serve the salmon with the wedge of lemon for extra flavor if desired.

Question: What's your favorite way to prepare or consume fish?


  1. Nordic Naturals is great! They even make a pet line that we sell at the veterinary hospital I work at :)

  2. I need to buy some supplements! I went through mine about a month ago, and never got a new bottle. As a vegetarian, that's my only source of "fish" :-)

  3. Hello! I was wondering if you could talk more about Omega 3 and 6? I don't think I get enough so I was wondering what some good sources are and how much I should be getting. Also, what are the benefits? Sorry if you've already posted about this and if you have please direct me to the post! Thanks!

  4. I think its the Indian in my but I love eating fish in the form of curry :)

    As a kid, my mum would forcefully push down the fish oil tablets into my throat. Once I actually chewed it and boy did they taste bad or what!

  5. Your tuna sounds wonderful! I love to bake my fish with a spritz of olive oil and seasoning. Actually, we just had baked trout for dinner last night... YUM!

  6. I lovee salmon steaks. Like you cooked up, I really think salmon is often best just simply prepared. I like to do a little olive oil and pepper and stick the steaks under the broiler until their nice and brown on the outside, but still moist in the inside. Top it with salt and a squeeze of lemon...hello easiest entrée ever! I also just recently posted a good yogurt dill sauce that's also super easy to make and perfect on my favorite seafood, salmon.

  7. i LOVE foil packing fish! it's so easy and so delicious :) i usually foil pack a fillet with some oregano, basil, chili powder, scallions and lemon juice for about 7 minutes then open the foil pack and broil it for about 3 minutes so it gets a little browned on top! the juices are also amaaazing :)

  8. Ohhhh, your salmon on the kiwi salad is sooooo gorgeous!!! I love fixing a maple glazed salmon, broiled in the oven medium rare just as you described... Mmmmm... :-)

  9. I love pan-grilled fish with lots of lemon juice on a bed of lettuce or spinach. It always makes me feel so "healthy!" :-)

    It's funny because we hadn't been eating enough fish for a few weeks, and hubby actually asked for fish three days in row! I guess it was his body's way of telling him he needed some omega-3s...

  10. love nordic naturals and I'm a believer in the fish oil/mood connection because I've experienced myself! I'm also a big fan of salmon mmmm nice and crispy crusty on the outside and tender on the inside. Since I can't buy fresh salmon often, I usually have canned salmon salad with greek yogurt, walnuts, & grapes :)

  11. I ***LOVE**** Salmon so much! I've also heard about the benefits of Omega 3s. Thanks for sharing all this valuable info & recipes :)

  12. I love love fish! You just gave me another good reason to eat them. oh....I haven't cooke fish for more than two months. Need to get some. Fav recipe: baked salmon with soy sauce, brown sugar and ginger! So simple and so delicious! :D

  13. LOVE your post title! I'm totally going to have to use that! I don't know if I mentioned it to you before, Gina, but I'm studying omega fatty acids (in relation to bone health and frailty) in school (I'm hoping to extend this research into a Master's). Omega 3's are wonderful!

    Your tuna recipe looks delicious! I personally love salmon with a drizzle of olive oil (no lemon!) and baked. Simple, but oh, so good :)

  14. I really love all these posts about supplements. They're really making me think about all the things I'm probably not getting enough of.

    I also wanted to mention your comment on my blog the other day you said you're thinking about running. I was so surprised to hear you say that. Running with Nick will be fun if you're feet can take it. Rick runs with me on occasion and I love it!

  15. Hi there Gina!
    Remember my super smoothie I was telling you about? The one with spinach? I add Barlean's fish oil. (I buy it at the Market District) It actually tastes REALLY YUMMY! Pina Colada flavor. I was skeptical, but it's fantastic.

  16. I LOVE salmon--looks like a tasty recipe!