Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Eat Right With Color! And, "Complete Bar" Winners

Can you believe it's MARCH?! Am I the only one who feels like the years go by faster every year? I swear by the time I'm seventy a year will last one day. Anyway, happy March, and happy NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH! This month's theme is "Eat Right With Color", which to me means it's time to start focusing the importance of coloring your plate with all the varieties of fresh fruits and veggies that our Mother Earth has to offer! Take advantage of all the different colors of produce, such as red (cranberries, red peppers, strawberries), green (spinach, kale, asparagus), purple (eggplants, blueberries), orange (sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots) and so many others. They all contain different nutrients, each providing very special and unique powers, which work together to help protect the body (and plant!) from various diseases.

Here are some of my favorite colorful and nutrient-packed recipes from this past year;

This year, as the Public Relations Chair of The Columbus Dietetic Association, I had a mission to create a helpful pamphlet that could be used to find in-season produce and uses for those produce. Here is the final product!

Inside there a list of the in-season produce for summer, winter, fall and spring, plus a list of ideas for how to use some of the more uncommon produce.

And of course each season has two simple and delicious recipes.

We are selling these pamphlets to friends and family. All profits will go towards dietetic scholarships and future CDA events. I thought about selling these on my blog, but then decided not to. I may do another giveaway soon and have this and one of my Complete Bars be the prize. It really depends on how well we do at selling these things. I hope people buy them! I worked really, really hard on creating them (and I am not known for my creativity...).

And now it's time for me to announce the giveaway winners....

CONGRATS to Lauren of Foodtrainers, and Erin of The Healthy Apron!!!

Please e-mail me your address ( and I will send your prize asap.

Question: What's your favorite green, red and orange fruit and/or vegetable?!

Here are mine;

Green: broccoli

Red: Strawberry

Orange: Sweet potato (pumpkin is a very close second!)

Nothing beats sweet potato + almond butter (except for maybe.. sweet potato + walnut butter!)


  1. Wait, you like in Columbus????? I had no idea! Perhaps I've seen you at the CDA meetings! That pamphlet looks awesome!

  2. wow, what a great project to work on!

  3. The pamphlet looks great!

    Here are my favorite green, red, and orange fruits and veggies, but I almost feel like "cheating" on the all the other great green, red, and orange veggies... :)

    Green: asparagus
    Red: cherries
    Orange: sweet potatoes

  4. those pamphlets sounds really great! they will do well for sure :D
    Green: brussel sprouts

    Red: red pepper

    Orange: butternut squash!

  5. Last March was when I did my Taste the Rainbow challenge, and I LOVED it! Making an actual effort to get in many different colors was so fun!

  6. wow sweet potato and almond butter? Never would have thunk it!
    Green: Butterhead lettuce
    Red: tomatoes OR strawberries
    Orange: sweet potatoes!

    I'm excited to try your bars GIna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I definitely by colors, that's my mantra when I do groceries and when I choose ingredients for my stir-fries. Colorful dishes make me happy! :)

    green: chinese mustard greens
    red: raspberries
    orange: kabocha

  8. Spinach, cherry, sweet potato for me! :)

  9. Great job on the pamphlet! That's such a helpful guide.

    My favs are broccoli, raspberries, and sweet potatoes!

  10. Awesome job with the pamphlet! Love the color that fruits and veggies can naturally lend to the plate. Orange- Definitely sweet potatoes. Green-Right now I'd go with spinach. And red-In season strawberries!

  11. Thats a hard one:

    Green: brussels sprouts/asparagus
    Red: Red pepper/tomato
    Orange: Sweet potato

  12. I won!! What a great surprise, thank you. I cannot wait to try your bars. Meanwhile, favorite green Arugula, favorite orange- oranges, favorite red beets. Fun.

  13. Happy NNM! Great brochure.

    My fave green veggie is broccoli, orange is peaches and red would be cherries. I could come up with so many and now I am getting hungry.

    Congrats to the winners.

  14. I'm super excited for National Nutrition Month! I'm actually tablesitting for the Simmons Nutrition Liaison at this very moment! Each Wednesday we are having a table outside the cafeteria with different nutrition themes: today is sports nutrition :)

  15. I love the pamphlets! I would sooo buy one!

    Have you read that book Skinny B*tch? I'm reading it now and I'd love to know what you think about it.

  16. Green: Broccoli
    Red: Beets
    Orange: Acorn Squash

    I may be one of the few people on the planet who doesn't like fruit!

  17. Here is my fruit and veggie ranibow:
    Green: either broccoli or spinach or brussel sprouts

    Red: cherries/stawbs/raspberries/tomatoes

    Don't make me pick just one!! Haha :)
    Follow me!

  18. Let's see,
    green= cucumber
    red= apple
    orange= carrots

  19. I tend to be a...

    raspberry or apple
    sweet potato

    ...kind of girl!

  20. when I saw you make that spinach pesto I have always wanted to try to make it ever since!!!

    Green: Kale OR brussels sprouts
    Red: Red bell pepper OR strawberries
    Orange: Sweet potato or pumpkin!

  21. Sweet potato and almond butter...I have never tried it but it sounds like a great combo!

    Green:Spinach or Sugar Snap Peas
    Red: Strawberries
    Orange: Pumpkin

  22. Green = asparagus
    Red = strawberries
    Orange = oranges

    That looks like a great pamphlet you put together!

  23. lucky winners!!!

    red = apples
    green = broccoli or kale (i can't decide!)
    orange = pumpkinnnnnnnnnnnn

  24. The pamphlet sounds very interesting. People are becoming more conscious and aware so I think it will do well.:) I have never tried sweet potato and nut butter, I think I will now.