Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hummus for Dessert

I love hummus, but I rarely eat it because of the garlic found in 99% of all hummus' ( I can't eat garlic, or tahini because because they both contain FODMAPs). Another reason I've been so adamant about not eating hummus, my entire life, is because of the bean factor (yes, beans contain FODMAPs too, surprise surprise! ). I used to take one bite of beans and have gas within thirty minutes, but lately I've been able to eat beans without the uncomfortable bloating and gas to follow (and without the use of Beano!). I'm not sure what to think of this. Is this a natural "side-effect" of having been on the low FODMAPs diet for over a year now? Should I be slowly adding these foods back into my diet to see if I can tolerate them? I've read some literature that says yes, which wasn't something I had ever considered. Now that I know I can tolerate beans a bit better, I wonder if I can also tolerate garlic, onions, pears, and apples. I think I'll take this one step at a time.....

Do you ever buy food hoping that since you bought it your significant other (or roommate) would eat it, despite not liking it? It sounds strange, but I bought a can of chickpeas hoping that I could add it to a dinner I made one night even though Nick hates chickpeas. Well, Nick soon assured me he wouldn't eat anything I made with chickpeas, so I decided not open the can. Then I remembered a recipe that Evan posted for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dessert Hummus (garlic free!). I thought maybe if I made this and told Nick it was a "new high protein peanut butter vegetable dip", he would eat it (more on that to come).

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Dessert Hummus
(Adapted from The Wannabe Chef)
Makes ~ 2 cups


1 can chickpeas, drained well

1/4 cup dark molasses (**Evan used 1/4 cup + 2 T maple syrup**)

1/4 cup all natural peanut butter

1/2 T vanilla extract

1/4 cup dark chocolate chips (** Evan used milk, I believe **)

NOTE:  This is not low FODMAPs, but it's "lower" because it doesn't contain garlic or tahini!

1. Combine the chickpeas, molasses and peanut butter in a food processor. Puree for a little over one minute, or until the mixture is nice and creamy

**Evan suggested peeling the chickpeas for a creamier product, but I did not do this. If I make this again I will definitely peel them.**

2. Add the chocolate chips and mix until they are evenly dispersed.

3. Use this as dip for your favorite veggie, fruit, or crackers!

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 T

So, did Nick like this? He did, but he said, "the texture is too grainy". This is why I will definitely peel the skins the next time I make this! I ended up eating the entire batch by myself. I couldn't get enough. I ate it for a late night snack/dessert and I dipped celery, carrots and rice cakes. Delicious. And guess what? NO GAS or Beano!!

QUESTION: Do you like chickpeas? What's your favorite way to use chickpeas?


  1. I've been wanting to make a dessert th chickpea for a while precisely because I ike it's grainy texture so I am su i will like this.
    I often buy products that I just want to try and in cse that I don't like it, I do something with it and make Star to eat it. He's too nice to say no to me :)

  2. I love beans! And I do like that grainy texture. I think it would take some getting used to in "dessert" items, but it sounds good to me! :) I am going to try making my own hummus and peel the skins off the chickpeas, too. I really do hear it makes a world of difference in the texture. It just sounds so...tedious!

  3. Surprising to hear Nick doesn't like chickpeas...there one of my favorites! Even more surprising to hear about dessert hummus. How interesting! I've never thought to steer off the savory route, but food processors make magic, so I'd love to try something like this.

  4. This dessert hummus sounds delicious!!! I can't eat apples or pears either. Causes me WAY too much pain and discomfort. I miss them, though so every now and again I'll try a bit....all with no luck. :( I read that some people have issues with pears & apples b/c the ratio of fructose is higher than that of glucose, which some people can't tolerate. I guess most other fruit has a more even balance of glucose/fructose? I dunno. :)

  5. I love chick peas! Hummus is my favorite way...or maybe in a salad...ooo it's too hard to choose just one.

    I have definitely done the same thing to Mike. I will "hide" ingredients from him. Then once he takes a few bites, I ask oh do you like it? He'll respond with yea it's good. Then I say HAH! You're eating BEANS! BOOYAH! ;)

  6. I made Evan's snickerdoodle hummus a while back and it was excellent. Crazy how chickpeas can be made into a dessert. Definitely peel the beans though next time. It's tedious, but makes a huge difference.

  7. Wow I would have never thought of making a dessert out of hummus, that is a really great idea!

    I love all hummus but honestly my favorite is black bean hummus =)

    (thank you for being so supportive! your comments on my blog ALWAYS make me smile!)

  8. I wish you could have seen my reaction to the title of your post - I leaned forward with this great big smile of excited anticipation because I love hummus and AlL things chickpea soooo much!! This is the greatest idea!! I can't wait to fix this!

    You post also made me smile because I purchase items "hopefully" all the time... :-) For me it "sort of" works, because Zach and I both are so concerned about wasting foods that Zach actually will try anything I purchase - but most of the time the "experimental" item is followed by "please don't ever buy that again, I don't like it," so it backfires on me after all! I like your method of creative labeling - I find that works much better for us too (it's not "Quorn vegetarian fake beef," it's "high protein ground mushrooms!" I don't know how it works, but it does, and he loves the "high protein mushrooms!" giggles :-)

    I'm so excited for you that you're able to reintroduce beans! I was unable to eat broccoli for 10+ years (due to gas and severe cramps) and tried reintroducing it for the first time 2 years ago and now I can eat it without any side effects! Amazing! I'm sure you can imagine my excitement because I love broccoli! :-) If you can tell me more about how the body can adapt to foods that previously caused problems, I would love to learn!

  9. What a great idea! I would have never thought of that combination but it looks delicious! can't wait to try it out.

  10. I do love chick peas and I make my own hummus too. Of course I love garlic so in it goes. I have a Blendtec blender and you don't have to remove the outside of the chick peas when making hummus in it as it comes out super smooth!

    Not sure what to think of a dessert hummus!

  11. how much do you LOVVEEEEEE pb hummus! i mean i think you should eat it. it's so worth the gas haha. i need to make a new batch except i cant find the time in my life right now to peel off the chickpea shells and its so worth it to do that haha

  12. Dessert hummus just sounds weird to me, I can't get over it! I just can't picture myself eating it but I do love traditional hummus :)

  13. I don't dislike chickpeas like Nick does, but I don't like them much either. But I've seen Evan's recipe and thought it was genius. And anyway, more for you, so it's a win-win! :D

  14. Gina, your comment made me laugh! :-) You're right, Zach doesn't look very happy in the photo, which is funny because the wedding theme was his idea! :-) Before I took the photo he said he was going to look "fierce" for the picture, but then he just came out looking distressed - I think we're going to have to work on the fierce look... :-p We're having a Renaissance pirate wedding!! :-) Speaking of which, a little birdie told me there might be something interesting in your email today... ;-)

  15. I love dessert hummus but haven't made it in a while - my favorite was to dip graham crackers in it.

    I am also going to peel the skins off the chickpeas next time I make it...

  16. Wow, this is interesting! Peeling off the skins of the chickpeas is a great idea. :D

  17. Looks great. I never thought to do a dessert version. I wonder if they have thought of this in Israel. Since I am going in a few weeks I am trying to see how many times I can eat hummus and falafel, with also enjoying just about everything else.

    I never thought about adding foods back in either, but I know with some allergies, the avoidance for a period of time works and then the food is tolerated again down the road.

  18. Ohh great idea! I think I would love this! Although, I've tried baking with chickpeas and did NOT like the outcome. I will give this a go though! Thanks! I love hummus!

  19. Favorite way to use chickpeas, chana masala or savory hummus.Can never get bored of either of the two items.

  20. I love chickpeas! They are one of my favorite beans - but then again I haven't found a bean I didn't like. I would have never thought of combining PB, chocolate and chickpeas. I'm really curious to how it would taste. I might just have to try this recipe to find out!

  21. hmm I may have to try this for a party dish :) Thanks!

  22. I love chickpeas...I made up something called chickpea surprise that has a little vinegar, a little tahini...and just roughly mashed with a fork. I eat that when people around me are having tuna!

    The dessert hummus is pretty darn good too!