Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Fourth?

I know it's June 30th, but really quick.....where did 2011 go!? Just think, in 2.5 seconds it will be the 4th of July. That's how fast time goes by lately. I feel like I was just making new year's resolutions.

Speaking of resolutions, who is still going strong? I am, for the most part, but I'm still working on a few things:

1) Not eating as much at night. I'm eating less, but I'm still eating more than I should (calories, that is). With my increased intake of beer during the summer (often one-half or one 12-ounce beer) it's more difficult to control the mindless nighttime snacking. But in reality, nothing I put in my mouth is mindless, which is what helps keep me successful in eating healthy and staying slender.

2) Decreasing my caffeine intake. I'm down to only 300 mg caffeine per day (the max you should consume is about 400mg) . My goal is to get down to 200 mg, but I never want to stop drinking coffee (read this article about coffee and Alzheimers), I'll just add more decaf and less regular.

3) Stop nagging as much. I'm really working hard on this one. Nick and I have been under some stress lately (as I'm sure most people have), some good, some not so good, and I tend to get more snappy during these times. I'm really trying to just stop, breathe and react with love.

What are you doing to celebrate July 4th?


In our part of town, the Fourth of July starts today, actually. I don't work today, but will be working Friday and Saturday. Then on Saturday night Nick and I are having our party. On Monday, the actual fourth, Nick and I will relax (clean!) and watch the fireworks at night.

I have been telling my clients that they don't need to deprive themselves at summer cookouts, but I do believe there is an appropriate way to fill your plate;

I found this (below) in my photos from last year. Yikes. I surely didn't practice what I preach (there is a burger under that cheese and tomato)! But hey, I did include a nice slice of tomato on there. One-quarter of a cup, it counts for something, right?! I think that was my first plate, actually. I took a day off from eating plenty of fruits and veggies, and I'll probably do it again on Saturday. I do know I'll have some veggies and dip, fruit and baked beans (with Beano), so those have to count for something!

Random Tips for the Fourth

- Don't forget to be food safe! Here are ten great summer grilling food safety tools to get you ready for grilling season.

- If you are looking for some great 4th of July recipes, check out's 4th of July recipes

- Looking for some pointers on making your holiday plate a bit healthier? Check out this article with helpful tips form dietitian Ellie Krieger.

- My tip is to make friends with the fruit tray, and eat your beans. Yum.

QUESTION: What will you do this holiday? What's your favorite cookout food? I love baked beans and bratwursts.


  1. It's always hard to fill your plate with veggies in the moment, haha. I always *think* I'm going to eat so healthy at cookouts and then, 5 cookies later... :-)

  2. Sounds like you're doing pretty well with your resolutions!!
    We're staying in town for the weekend and are planning to have a picnic on Monday and watch the fireworks on TV cause the crowds are just insane!! I love grilled chicken and grilled veggies.
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Happy 4th Gina!
    Love your posts as always. Glad you are doing so well with your resolutions. Grilled chicken for me :)

    Love ya,

  4. I hope you have a happy 4th of July!! I love the 4th cookouts! I try my best to keep half my plate as green as possible (even though there are still heavy dressings on most of the green salads brought). It's an effort right!?

    PS. I will def bring up antioxidant supplements in one of the posts in my series!

  5. Love this post! Although I panicked a little because it reminds me I also need to look back in to my new year's resolution list and see how I am doing thus far. For the 4th I was SUPPOSED to go away on vacation but wont be able to do it (results of my procrastination) so I'll probably just be around hanging out with friends. I loved your tip on how you remain slender-- cutting out mindless eating!
    Have a great 4th :)

  6. i LOVE the 4th of july!!! its my favorite holiday after thanksgiving! mainly because we always have a huge party out east, and its just so much fun to spend time with the family and relax and drink/eat and it's like the REAL start of the summer! no gifts, no stress, just family and fun. i lurv to pieces

    there was something else i wanted to tell you but i can't remember..

    OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god i hate you for meeting bethenny! you KNOW she's my favorite person on earth

  7. Hi! Just happened to stumbled across your blog, very glad I did! I am going to school to be an RD. :D

    My favorite cookout food is grilled veggies!

  8. You seem to be sticking to your resolutions! Not an easy thing to do!

  9. Baked beans are so good!! I love veggie/fruit platters. Not a huge cheese fan though!! Love the massive salads, too. Mmmmm, bbq food :D

  10. This July 4th, I want a glorious day of NOTHING. I don't even really want to meet friends, I just want a quiet day to myself to read and perhaps bake.
    I adore bratwursts, too, esp topped with lots and lots of grilled onions. Favorite cookout food is probably still bbq sweet potatoes though! :-)

  11. I love your honesty, it really comes through and I'm sure people respond to that. I love corn on the grill. Also love grilling fish for fish tacos. And I even love fireworks.

  12. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S JULY ALREADY!! I'm with you, where has the time gone? I'm looking forward to the fourth though. New Years seems so long ago. I'm not sure if I can even recall my main resolution. I've actually started drinking more coffee lately, but no more than a cup a day. Does that keep me under 200 mg?

  13. I feel like life is going by so quickly in general lately- so it almost doesn't even surprise me that it's July!

    Eric and I are at the Cape this weekend until Sunday night. I'm hoping we'll see some fireworks. We'll go back home on Sunday night because I actually have to tutor on Monday- but I can't complain because very rarely do I ever have to work on weekends or holidays and I don't have to work today (friday) so I still get a long weekend. Plus, if I took the day off I wouldn't get paid, so it's worth it.

    Have a great weekend! Hope your party goes well!

  14. This year is definitely flying by...
    I'm also working on cutting down on the coffee...a little bit. I'd like to be at 200mg caffeine, but I think today I had 400 ... I'm so easily influenced!

    When I'm at a picnic or bbq, I definitely try to fill half my plate with veg, and then if I want meat I don't use the whole big piece of bread or roll with it. ...or sometimes I just indulge on whatever I want (even if it's all meat and cheese!), and then just eat more veg the next day.

    I've spent all week, as I'm sure you have too, helping people come up with strategies for being mindful over the holiday weekend. Making food a choice and then being present while eating it---can't ask for much more than that :)

  15. I try to limit these in general but my favorite cookout food are burgers...the beef kind!
    Happy 4th, Gina!

  16. We will most certainly be grilling out! I always aim for an appropriate balance of starchy carbs + fat + protein + veggies when I cook out...inadvertently. It's just how I fill my plate. Either that or I just grab what looks good right then ;)