Sunday, July 17, 2011

This Week's Health and Nutrition News

Here are some interesting health and nutrition articles from this week;

Genetically Modified Foods Don't Sit Well In US

Want to know if your food contains GMOs? If you live in the U.S. you may never know.

Do you tend to eat more at night? Fattening food may be giving you the munchies.

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My advice? Stick with complex carbohydrates at night. They help you sleep (by helping tryptophan cross the blood-brain barrier and convert to serotonin), and they may help fight the munchies since they aren't packed with fat. Watch your portions though, obviously.

Extracting the Facts About Pomegranate Pills

Have you heard? Pomegranates now come in pill form. I find this strange, but maybe because I love pomegranates! I can't imagine swallowing them in a pill, and not tasting their amazing flavors.

Chain Restaurants Commit to Adding Healthier Items to Their Children's Menus

It's about time!! I'm just hoping that in addition to adding healthy foods, they also work on making their current not-so-healthy foods a bit healthier. What kid is going to order a veggie wrap over chicken nuggets?? Probably not many. I would feel great knowing that they chicken nuggets were lower in sodium and perhaps served with a fruit or vegetable instead of fries. I'm finding that most kids actually really enjoy broccoli.

In short, YES! We do drink too much water, and most often for the wrong reasons.

Do you ever find it difficult to decipher what meat/poultry/pork labels actually mean? This article is a must-read! It defines many of the ambiguous label claims.

QUESTION: Did you read anything this week worth sharing?


  1. Totally agree with the point you make on pomegranates- why would you sacrifice that for a pill. The enjoyment of food is being lost, over the need of looking good and worry of what food is good and bad.

  2. Or chicken nuggets not made with mystery meat and scraps? That would be a good start! Ugh. Gross to think about!

    I did read a good article this week, but now I'll have to go look for it. Me and my terrible memory...

    Can't wait to see you guys in a bit!! :)

  3. People in Europe are more healthy, because of eating more healthier foods and have forbidden to use GMO!

  4. i always feel like there's just so much news out there about random stuff with health and how do we ever know what to really believe! like my dad tells me this weekend that he heard somewhere that drinking coffee before breakfast alters the digestion of your food and doesn't allow the food to digest properly and fuel your body, i'm like do i realllly believe that!

  5. Why is it that people want to replace whole foods with pills? The food tastes so much better! Great information. Thank you! :)

  6. Why eat a PILL when you can have succulent pomegranate seeds--they are SOOO good!!

  7. The restaurant news made me think of our local schools here, which are now requiring more servings of veggies for lunch. The problem is that the veggies they will likely serve will be super unappetizing, so they're forcing kids to choose them without education. It's kind of sad. :(

  8. So many good topics I have to go through and read the links. The NY Times article on fatty foods was interesting. I think the kids menu is big news. I have never understood (and fortunately my boys are almost old enough to want something from the adult menu) why Americans feel kids need kid food. I generally order an entree and veg for my kids to split.

  9. So much good stuff here. I always love this argument in regards to GMO'S:
    "no nutritional content difference between the products"
    I think many people are concerned more about the lack of research and the long term effects of genetically modifying food than they are of the nutritional content.

  10. There is a lot of great information here! I was especially interested in the news about late night snacking. Planning is so important and I think its a great idea to keep a few high fiber or complex carb options around for when the urge to snack strikes. What a great way to satisfy cravings and keep hunger in check.

  11. Wow, very surprised that we drink too much water!

    Agree with you about the kids menu items. Pizza can be pretty good for you if you make it correctly. Like you said, no kid is going to pick a veggie wrap!

  12. Hi Gina, thanks as always for posting links to really interesting info. have a great day. (I'm a little shocked at the too much water thing! Who knew??)

  13. i agree with roz...thanks for posting quality articles that make you think. weird about the water-i thought you would refer to drinking alcohol!