Saturday, October 29, 2011

Roasted Carrots and...Celery?

Do you ever have food that you don't really know what to do with? I bought 2 large stalks of celery for a soup I was going to make, but never ended up making the soup. I'm not a huge fan of celery, but I'm too cheap to just toss it and let it go to waste. I was really in the mood for some roasted carrots, so I thought I'd try roasting the celery right along side the carrots, why not?!

Roasted Carrots and Celery with Garlic and Curry


2 pounds carrots
2 large stalks of celery
2 T garlic oil
2 tsp. curry powder

** If you want to make them sweet, take away one T olive oil and add 1-2 T maple syrup **
** If you want to use regular olive oil, that's fine, just use a few cloves of chopped fresh garlic instead **


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. If you want, shred the carrot's outer layer (this is not necessary but some people like their carrots shredded). Rinse the carrots and celery well, then chop them into somewhat equal sized pieces.

2. Add all veggies to a large ziplock bag and add the oil and curry (and garlic if you choose). 3. Zip the bag, allowing some air to get in the bag. Shake the bag and get the ingredients evenly distributed among the veggies. 4. Dump the veggies onto a large baking pan and evenly distribute them on the pan. 5. Roast for ~20-30 minutes.

Once they cool down a bit (like in the photo below) they get all shriveled up and ugly. So yeah, they aren't as good as when they are straight out of the oven. But if you just pop them into the oven at 350 for ten minutes, they are good as new! If you don't want to do that, just zap them in the microwave, I promise they are still delicious.

I probably won't be going out of my way to buy celery for roasting again any time soon, but I'm officially addicted to roasted carrots. Nick and I can't get enough. No more baby carrots for us! I'm sticking to the larger carrots that aren't as processed and are much cheaper.

QUESTION: Do you like roasted carrots? Or, do you prefer your carrots cold, dipped in Ranch dressing? :) What do you do with celery, if you do in fact eat it? I'm curious, other than celery and PB I just don't understand the appeal of celery.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!! Are you going to be dressing up for Halloween?!


  1. I am also not a fan of celery - I do like it with soy nut butter though.

    I love roasted carrots - but I think I like cold carrots better - dipped in some sort of dressing!

  2. I hated cooked carrots for a long time (I'm pretty sure I only had boiled growing up)...but now I love roasted carrots! They're soooo good....they're good dumped on a cold salad too :)

    Not a fan of celery...the only thing I do with it is juice it!

  3. I like celery with hummus or cream cheese. I hate baby carrots!! I buy the large ones too.

  4. Hmm I've never actually tried roasted carrots but I like roasted everything else I've tried so I'm sure I would. I use celery occasionally as part of something- I put it in tuna sandwiches all sliced up and Eric and my mom both put it in stuffing :)

  5. I love carrots any way. I think I prefer them cold though, but I'm thinking I might prefer celery roasted. That sounds delicious!

  6. I actually do prefer carrots cold, but this would be tasty too! Celery I definitely like to have roasted or cooked.. no raw for me!

  7. I'm so with you on large versus baby carrots. We roast carrots a lot, I use a little honey for "carrot fries". As for celery it goes in the juice, I have one child who adores it. Having said this, it often goes bad too. So sad.

  8. Celery is good with salsa, surpisingly! It doesn't temper down the salsa the way something carby does, so it's even spicier than usual!

  9. hee hee I HATE CARROTS. I should do a photo op of my plates- I always eat around the carrots.

    I would consider roasted carrots though, every once in awhile, I will want them prob. for beta-carotene or something.

  10. I LOVE roasted carrots!!! :) Really pretty much any veggie roasted... :)

    I actually use a fair amount of celery, most of it in sauces and soups. I also made a celery salad once with rice vinegar and feta cheese. It was actually really good, but I haven't made it in ages.

  11. I love celery, especially in soup where it add a nice crunch to all the softer ingredients. I'm looking forward to trying it roasted w/ curry - great idea!

  12. I love celery in soup or to make a tasty chicken broth. Not in love with eating it raw. I am going to try roasting w carrots for a roasted veggie and cannellini bean soup. A sort of Tuscan bean soup. I'll know soon how it turns out.

  13. I thought of roasting carrots for dinner, then saw the celery in the drawer. I don't love raw celery, use it in soup & stew. I don't like throwing out food and thought: I can make ROASTED CARROTS AND CELERY. I Googled that and had to smile when I read the first listing on the list-yours; it sounds just like me. I also am an RD. Happy to have found your sight. Thanks!

    1. So glad you ran into my blog!! I guess many RDs think a like, right?! I hate wasting food. The roasted celery was not as good as the carrots, but I would certainly do it again! I hope your turned out delicious too.