Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wedding Recap, Wedding Tips Needed, and The X Factor

Nick and I just got back from my cousin's wedding. We always have such a good time when we get to leave Columbus for a while, even if just for a day.

I gave the camera to my mom to take a picture of us before we left the hotel, but she seems to have trouble with cameras that are six years old...

I'm no fasionista, but I do know that animal prints are "in", so I thought I'd show off my tight snake skin skirt on my blog. It was a score at Kohl's. The shirt is from White House Black Market. The wedding was pretty casual so I thought this outfit worked out well. It was perfect for dancing.....

We will not be playing the Electric Slide at our wedding, but I'm always down for it at other people's wedding (I guess).

If you read my blog regularly, you know I'm obsessed with wedding cake.
I was slightly sad to see that the wedding "cake" was cupcakes, however, these were AMAZING. They were moist and the butter cream frosting was some of the best I've ever had. It had that very defined almond extract taste, which I love. Two things I will not having at my wedding; fondant and cupcakes (I'm a cake snob, what can I say?!).

I haven't talked about my own wedding plans on the blog yet, but today I'm going to give a little insight. Basically Nick and I are doing a destination wedding sometime in Fall of next year (I don't want to give the date on my blog because of those weirdos who read blogs for information like this!). We are going to Bald Head Island, North Carolina and I couldn't be more excited. So far I have;

  • Bought my dress
  • Chosen my bridesmaids
  • Picked a florist
  • Picked a photographer
  • Picked an officiant on the island
  • Chosen the caterer
  • Chosen the location of the ceremony and reception
  • Created a list of the people we are inviting
  • Created the invitations

Still left to do is;

  • Send the invites
  • Register for gifts (FUN!)
  • Pick out bridesmaid dresses
  • Create the programs
  • Write the vows
  • Create centerpieces
This is where I need your help! Do you have any tips for writing vows? Do you have any ideas for beach wedding centerpieces? I love the simple idea that they used at last night's wedding (below). I want to choose something that can be made by my crafty aunts, or that really doesn't cost a whole lot.

Last but not least, have you been watching The X Factor?. I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of the show, however, one of the final contestants, Josh Krajcik, used to work at the burrito shop that Nick manages!! Yep, Nick comes home every day with a new story of a newspaper or TMZ having called the store and interviewed him, or come in with cameras to tape "Josh's previous place of employment". It's AWESOME! And, if you haven't heard Josh sing, you're missing out. Check out his first audition video here (it's the third one to the right). And of course, VOTE FOR JOSH!!!!

QUESTION: What are your tips for writing wedding vows? Any ideas for beach/fall themed centerpieces?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you finally told us something about the wedding, I've been very curious! Yes, I hated planning my own wedding but that doesn't mean I don't want to hear about yours! :) A destination wedding in North Carolina will be beautiful, I'm so excited for you guys! Eric and I wrote our whole ceremony and I mostly just used things I found on the internet, changed some of the wording a bit and cut and pasted our own things that I liked. It was basically a compilation of everything I had seen that I liked. It was actually one of the things I enjoyed more about wedding planning.

  2. i CAN'T WAIT FOR MY INVITATION!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha kidding obvi but i did google this for you:

    hahaha i'm obsessed with wedding planning, like i am SO EXCITED for yuo!!!! and what a glorious idea to go away destination style. it's going to be fabulous!!!

  3. that pic of u dancing is so cool, it looks like you were having god time.
    I wrote my speech a week before the wedding, basically what I always felt and wanted to tell to Star, nothing special for others but made him feel my love! :)

  4. Loved the skirt!! Very fashionable :)...Congrats on your upcomming wedding!!! I am also a "cake snob" so cupcakes will be out of the question for my wedding as :)

  5. congrats on the wedding bet its beautiful there so happy for you

  6. LOVE your outfit, Gina! You're definitely right not to include fondant at your wedding - that stuff is blech. I'm so impressed with how much you've finished for the wedding already (when I was planning ours, I was so behind, I sent out the save-the-dates RIGHT before I had to send out the invites - hehe :P). Peter and I wrote our own vows (without showing them to each other before saying them), and to write mine, I scoured websites with sample vows to get an idea of general format and length, and then wrote from the heart, telling what I promised to Peter :) You'll be great!

  7. I love the outfit, Gina! You are such a great-looking couple :) Lucky Nick ;) The last wedding we were at in Austin had cupcakes, too. Everyone loves the lemon ones and I thought they were gross...they tasted like fake lemon, bleck! But the carrot cake ones were awesome! I'm not too picky when it comes to sweets :) But I agree, a traditional cake is my preference, too.

    I am getting excited for "sometime next fall!" :) You have a ton done!!

  8. Love your skirt! You look hot! I don't watch The X Factor, but that's so fun!

  9. Didn't write my own vows so don't have much advice for you. Your wedding will be fabulous, I'm sure. Love the idea of destination wedding. Oh and I LOVE almond in my cake/frosting. YUM! Have fun planning!

  10. I loved writing our own vows and it's still one of my favorite parts of our wedding :) My advice -keep it short, to the point and genuine. I think we followed the general length of more traditional vows but changed the words to say what we were promising to each other - i think that's one of the best parts of weddings :)

  11. I also loved writing our own vows! Since my husband and I had lived together 7 years before we got married, it felt a little silly for me to tell him all the things I promised to him at that point. So I used my vows as a chance to thank him for all the ways he made our life together special. Some examples were: Thank you for being the kind of person who runs to the vet to donate newspapers and comes home with two homeless guinea pigs, and thank you for forcing me to grow up when I need to, but still letting me be a dorky little kid whenever possible.

  12. What a great outfit, looks fantastic! Ok, I have no tips on writing vows because Chris and I decided to not have them lol We just weren't sure if we could keep it together up there and speak more than 'repeat after me' :)
    I HATE fondant too and our wonderful cake decorator decided to change it to fondant last minute since the sunflowers weren't staying on the buttercream and the buttercream flowers were bleeding color. ugh, just forget the flowers then! Ah well, I guess you can pick it off. I think some kind of long and skinny porcelin plate filled with sand and candles would be neat. You have so much done already, that's so neat!

  13. Those cupcakes are so pretty! I love the colors.

    And sorry, no wedding vow writing tips yet. Give me a few years & maybe i might be more helpful ;) Glad you had a great weekend!

  14. Hi Gina, your skirt is super cute. So excited for your wedding planning. We had cupcakes at our wedding, and they were a huge hit. Only problem, the color we ordered wasn't the color we got, but the only people who knew that day were me, my husband (who was a bit oblivious to cupcake color anyway) and my maid of honor. No biggie...
    HOpe your week is wonderful.

  15. Just had to say ... we love Josh Krajcik, he's one of our favorites! Such a small world, that's so funny that Nick manages the burrito shop :)

  16. Ha! That's so funny about the burrito place...Josh grew up down the street from me back home but I'd completely lost track of him until this whole XFactor thing. So cool! Very happy for him.

  17. omg you are sooo far ahead of me on your planning! I have picked the venue, the DJ, the photographer and that's it. LOL. I am going dress shopping in a couple weeks though and we're on our way to picking the officiant.

    The money we're spending is almost painful to look at, haha!

  18. For centerpieces for a beach wedding,how about candles nestled in a fish bowl (large margarita glass/etc), with sand, seashells, and sand dollars?

    I'm sure you will come up with something great! Sounds like you have most of the big planning stuff out of the way. Being an RD I am sure you have thought about the food you will serve...what are you planning on doing?