Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pumpkin Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Recently I was out with my good friend Cathy and she was telling me about the pumpkin grilled cheese she made. I quickly told her that the next time she makes the recipe she has to take a picture and do a guest post. Then I realized, I should make it myself!
So...I did, with a few modifications (see my recipe below, and Cathy's recipe below that).

Gina's Pumpkin Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

(Makes 1 sandwich)

2 pieces whole grain bread
1/4 cup pureed pumpkin
2 tsp. garlic olive oil
1 slice pepper jack cheese
2 slices swiss cheese
2 t butter

** You can use another type of cheese if you want, but this combination worked well for Nick and I. Also, if you want to saute real garlic cloves instead of using garlic olive oil, that's fine too. We don't use garlic in our household because they contain FODMAPs. **


1. Add the pumpkin and garlic olive oil (or sauteed garlic) together in a pan and heat on medium for about a minute.

2. Grab your bread and add the cheese to one piece and spread the hot pumpkin puree and garlic onto the second piece. Close the sandwich.

3. Heat the butter in the pan until melted, then add the sandwich to the pan and heat each side for about 2 minutes (or until both sides are crispy and brown).


Nick ate his with ketchup, because...that's just how he eats grilled cheese. I ate mine without dipping it in anything, and I was in heaven.

Here is Cathy's original version of pumpkin grilled cheese sandwiches;

Cathy's Pumpkin Grilled Cheese Recipe

(Makes one sandwich)

1/4 c pumpkin puree
1/2 tsp sriracha (can omit if you can't stand the heat)
1/4 c diced sauteed yellow onion
sprinkle of black pepper
1 wedge swiss cheese (35 calorie) -- room temp --OR use a Tbs of grated parmesan cheese
1 slice of thin cheese--any flavor

-Combine first five ingredients and set aside
-Toast 2 slices whole wheat bread
-Lightly butter one side of each piece after toasting.
-Evenly spread pumpkin mix on top of unbuttered side of one piece of bread. Lay cheese slice on top. Cover with second piece of bread, leaving the buttered side up.
-Heat pan to med-high
-Cook sandwich on both sides until it's heated through and the cheese is melted. (about 2 mins per side)


Want to try this sandwich with some tomato soup? Check out Nicole's recipe for roasted tomato soup!

QUESTION: What's the craziest thing you've put on a grilled cheese sandwich??

By the way, thank you so much for all of your questions and comments about my impending Celiac test (it's happening today at 2:30pm!!). I promise to do a follow-up post with the results, and answers to some of your questions.


  1. i would have never thought to add pumpkin to my grilled cheese. i just might have to try this. super creative, for sure! i just ate grilled cheese + tomato soup for lunch this past weekend. :)

    and good luck with your Celiac test! at the very least you will have more answers. and as a dietitian, you'll have no trouble adapting your diet if necessary, although giving up beer would be sad. :(

  2. No flippin way! I LOVE it! What a great combo!!!
    Pickles and grilled cheese
    Tomato and grilled cheese
    Turkey Bacon and grilled cheese...thats the 'craziest' I've gotten! :)

  3. Thinking about you! Let me know how it goes!

    Your version sounds SO cheesy. Basically, heavenly. I can totally see where pumpkin and cheese work together...I will have to try that! :) And why can I picture Mark dipping his grilled cheese in something, too? Probably ranch dressing or

  4. Two foods that I love but would never think of combine... good luck today!

  5. Omigosh, I would never have thought of this. I am a HUGE fan of the classic grilled cheese with fresh tomato.

    Best of luck with your test!

  6. This sounds AWESOME. I bet the pumpkin adds so much extra creaminess, but it's a healthy touch too! Maybe I can test this out with Daiya.

  7. I love pumpkin any which way, so I know I would love this :-)

  8. This looks so yummy! I think I will make it for a snack right after this! :)~~

    I made this grilled sandwich the other day and everyone thought it was gross, but I love it! peanut butter + turkey + aged balsamic vinegar + goat cheese. It was very good, I promise.

  9. I love this combo! I don't think it's crazy at all because it's great pair cheese and sweet food! :)

  10. Good luck with the test. I am sure it will be good to find out some results and know more about what is going on.

    This grilled cheese looks amazing. I definitely want to make this. I just need to get some pumpkin, and I do have to go back to the commissary tomorrow. I forgot my most important ingredient for a choc PB tofu pie that I am making (yes, I forgot the tofu).

  11. Oh man I wish this would have been posted on Sunday! I made tomato soup and we had grilled cheese sammies... But I didn't add any pumpkin (I even had some in the fridge!). Guess I'll just have to make soup again :)

  12. this sounds so good!

    the craziest thing i've put on a grilled cheese? hot sauce? i usually stick with the classic cheesiness :)

  13. Interesting! I don't eat cheese but I think most everything is better with some pumpkin haha

  14. Interesting is right! Who would've thought? Although you can't go wrong with anything mixed with melted cheese. Yum.

  15. I would NEVER have imagined pumpkin and grilled cheese, but now I HAVE to try it. Think I'll add the siracha too :-) Can't wait to hear your test results!

  16. pumpkin and cheese such an interesting combo. I had cheese to spaghetti squash but I think that's as close as I get. Would totally try with GF bread or maybe sans bread baked...