Friday, January 6, 2012

Who Says Cheese and Peanut Butter Don't Go Together?

I don't know what it was that enticed me to dip my string cheese in peanut butter, but I did, and I loved it. Think what you want, but I tell you it's surprisingly delicious. Dietitians like me are always recommending a high protein snack, and I really don't think it gets any better than this.

String cheese (7 grams protein) + 1 T peanut butter (3-4 grams protein) = 10-11 grams protein


And I'm pretty sure one of my favorite TV dietitians, Joy Bauer, would approve. Have I mentioned that I get to meet her soon?! I can't really talk about it a whole lot on my blog, but I'm very excited. Joy has many of the of the same opinions about food and nutrition that I do, and whenever she is on the Today show I just love the answers that she provides! They are always realistic and research-based (great combination).

And how about these shoes for another wonderful discovery?

I found these on the OKAb website. They have a great selection of cute flip-flops to wear for a beach wedding. Why pay for expensive shoes when you are getting married in the sand?! These will match my cream-colored dress perfectly, and I'll show off my beautiful feet (which won't be beautiful until I get them heavily pedicured).

QUESTION: What's your favorite really random snack?!
If you got married on a beach, did you wear flip-flops? Just out of curiosity, what would you recommend as a centerpiece for the tables at a beach wedding and reception?


  1. I posted on my FB wall, 'PB pasta and 'meatballs' You should check that out! I have a bodybuilding guy friend who eats cheese, peanut butter and meat sandwiches every day. I take your challenge. I will try my cheese with PB!

  2. omg, I don't know about this one. The thought kind of grosses me out...but if you say so lol

    I was supposed to get joys latest book but it never came! I love her too! Happy Firday!

  3. PB + Cheese?! You might want to take a pregnancy test :-)

    I got married on the beach...and went barefoot the whole time, even during the reception :-)

  4. My gpa always ate pb and cheese sandwiches when I was a kid---and I liked it, but I do like it better without the bread!

    If I was doing a beach wedding, I'd most definitely be barefoot!

  5. I think I would go barefoot, but I do love those sandals - they're perfect!

    I would do a centerpiece with seashells - maybe globe vases with a few calla lillies wrapped around the inside and seashells in the bottom. Or maybe big old konk shells in cyllander vases. Ahh, I miss wedding planning :)

    Looking forward to our get together next month! :)

  6. haha nutty cheest sticks i love it.

    i'm amped to hear what's going down with you and joy! please feel free to share prior to you telling the world ;)

  7. I love Joy Bauer too, but what I really want to comment on is your wedding. Isn't it fun to plan? My husband surprised me a few years ago and arranged for us to renew our vows on a beach in Jamaica. I did wear flip flops, but my brother just got married on a beach and his new wife went barefoot-it looked so cute in the pictures.

    A really pretty table decoration that's inexpensive is to find pale blue jars at vintage and antique stores, fill them with a bit of sand and a candle. Easy, cheap and won't blow away if your wedding day is a little windy.

  8. PB and C??? That is QUITE the combo. LOVE the shoes Gina, they're so pretty!!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I love those flip flops! I didn't get married at the beach (right near it though) so I wore regular shoes but I changed into flip flops QUICKLY at the reception haha. I bought some at JCrew that I wear often now :)

    I like when people do the vases filled with sand and sea shells. Actually... I am staying at my friends house this weekend and I think she has a cool centerpiece like that on her kitchen table with a star fish on it... I'll take a picture for you!

  10. It sounds odd, but I will give your PB and cheese combo a try :-) I just came up with an easy, healthy snack that migh sound a little odd, but it was really good...cottage cheese with (cooked) frozen veggies. Really hit the spot! Love the shoes!!

  11. I must admit this isn't a combination I would have thought of. Now I have to try it! I can see kids loving this snack. Congratulations. I'm excited for your opportunity to meet Joy.

  12. i actually have also been known to dip cheese in PB. I guess we're both weird haha!
    to answer your question about doing the cleanse, it did feel great to kick my butt into eating healthily after the holidays. I might try it again!

  13. Peanut butter makes everything better. Great find on the shoes perfect for the beach! I say shells and candles for the tables.

  14. Ok, that never occurred to me to try, but I think I will give it a try now. I also like what Joy has to say. I guess makes sense since I am pretty much in line with your philosophies too. It's one reason I love reading your blog. I get some verification that I am not crazy!

    So I am guessing you are having a beach wedding. Maybe I missed that. I agree flip flops are the way to go, or even barefoot for the ceremony if you dare!. I think the centerpieces would be nice with a display of shells surrounding some simple flowers in earthy colors.

  15. Love it, cheese is great with sweet so I can see this working. I think Joy is a nice person but find her advice a little "safe". Beach wedding, where, did I miss the details?