Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's New In Weight Loss, and Some Crunchy Ranch Chickpeas

The following articles were published in the last few weeks, and I felt they were all worth reading, if you have the time (especially the first and third one).

Regarding that last article about snacking, snacks can often be "not so healthy", but then there are some that pack a serious nutritional punch, such as these Crunchy Ranch Chickpeas;

Crunchy Ranch Chickpeas
Serves 4

 (Source; Trivillagemagazine.com)

1-15 ounce can of chickpeas
Powdered ranch salad dressing mix
Nonstick cooking spray (or your favorite oil spray)


1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray a sheet pan with nonstick cooking spray.

2. Drain chickpeas well, rinse and dry (very well) with paper towels to absorb any moisture.

3. Spread the chickpeas out in a single layer on the pan. Bake 20 minutes, then shake the sheet pan to rotate the chickpeas. Bake an additional 20 minutes until chickpeas are golden brown and somewhat shriveled.

4. Remove from oven, spray with nonstick spray (I used my new Misto, which contains garlic olive oil. If you don't have a Misto, or something similar, you are truly missing out! And no, I was not compensated for this post.)

5. After spraying your chickpeas, sprinkle with powdered ranch mix to taste (I doubled the recipe and used a little over half of one package ranch mix).

6. Shake pan to coat all sides with the ranch powder. Let cool 5 minutes before eating (and take a couple BEANO or Gas-X Prevention pills if you are like me and you need it!).

Calories; ~ 150 per serving
Fiber: ~ 3 grams per serving (a good source!)

Want another great recipe? Here is a recipe for roasted chickpea snacks from Teri over at Managed Macros.

QUESTION: Do you like chickpeas?? Do you have a Misto, or something like it? Aren't they amazing!?

What are your thoughts on any of the weight loss/management articles? I especially got into the first one about how difficult it is to maintain a healthy weight. In fact, I'll be writing a candid post about my thoughts on that issue relatively soon.


  1. I don't have a Misto...but I want one!!! Where did you get yours??
    Thanks for the shout out! I need to try this version...b/c I really did like them as a snack, good huh?
    I am ALWAYS looking for good information to share so I will def. come back to this articles...prob later today, to check out.
    I was reading Dietitian Today..they other day and saw a mention of you!
    Happy Monday!!

  2. I love chickpeas and have tried roasted ones before - I think I made salt and vinegar...much better than chips!

  3. Ok, first, I've made roasted chickpeas once...with different seasonings...and they were amazing. And this flavor looks waaayyy better.

    Second, I do have a misto, and LOVE it.

  4. Love this:
    "Couch Potatoes Gain Weight Without Eating"
    I've got some reading to do =)

  5. Yum-- it's been a while since I've made baked chickpeas-- I love how crunchy they get! These look perfect!

  6. I love chickpeas and I think it's a great idea to have it as snack! it's so high in protein and fiber and lower fatnthat nuts. I should definitely try it out!
    what's misto? am I missing something? I use TJs canola oil spread now.

  7. I have two mistos (mistoes? haha)! One for extra virgin olive oil and one for balsamic vinegar. They're the best. :)

  8. I love my misto!!! It's definitely one of my favorite things in my kitchen!

    I haven't roasted chickpeas in a while. Yours look good!

    Thanks for the links! I think people just don't want to believe that keeping weight off takes daily effort and conscious choices.

  9. Great snack idea, and thanks for sharing all the articles! I've already checked out Teri's recipe and I can vouch that they are also delicious :)

  10. I JUST got a Misto TODAY. Literally. I just ordered it off Amazon and used it tonight to put on my salad with dinner. SO simple! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Um, for $9, why did I wait so long?!

    Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!

  11. Can't wait to try making some roasted chickpeas, and I've already bookmarked Teri's recipe too! Looking forward to your weight loss/maintenance post!

  12. Thanks for sharing such a fiberlicious and delicious snack! I think snacks can be very beneficial to any diet - but agree that you need to choose wisely.

  13. Tell me how I can not be scared of that powdered dressing. Love the sound of these, love the Beano suggestion and look forward to checking out your links always well chosen.

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  15. Just leaving a comment on my own blog to check my SPAM detector!!

  16. Hello Gina, I love your post. As I ramble through life, whatever be my goal, I will unfortunately always keep my eye upon the doughnut and not upon the whole. Cheers~ Susana