Monday, August 20, 2012

I Got the Moves Like Alton (Scrambled Eggs, Alton Brown Style)

Nick and I have scrambled eggs for dinner about once or twice a week. It's really one of our favorite meals (and I love it because it's just so darn easy!). We always pair our eggs with lots of vegetables, don't worry.

I received Alton Brown's first cookbook for Christmas a couple years ago, but I've only used it a couple times. The other day I was flipping through the book and found his recipe for eggs. I decided to take a break from my normal, lighter egg creations, and try eggs "Alton Brown Style".

Scrambled Eggs, Alton Brown Style
Serves 2

3 large eggs
1 pinch kosher salt
1 grind black pepper
3 T whole milk
1 T unsalted butter

1. Whisk the eggs, salt, pepper, and milk together until light and foamy. Add the butter to a 10-12 inch nonstick skillet and put it over high heat.

2. When the butter bubbles (after about a minute), pour the eggs straight into the middle of the pan, which will force the butter to the edges of the pan (see photo below). Next, stir slowly with a rubber or silicone spatula.

3. As soon as curds (big soft lumps) begin to form, drop the heat to low and shift from stirring to folding the curds over on themselves while gently shaking the pan with your other hand.

4. As soon as no more liquidous egg is running around the pan, kill the heat and transfer to your plate.

5. Let the eggs rest for one minute to finish cooking.


Serving Size: 1/2 of total recipe

When I normally make eggs I don't use butter or whole milk. In fact, I typically use almond milk (no joke) and about 1/2 tsp olive oil to prevent the eggs from sticking to the pan. Needless to say, these eggs were probably the best we've ever had. I insisted that we eat them with about two cups of broccoli. Nick, of course, also had to have bacon and a giant piece of whole grain bread with his eggs.

These eggs didn't even need cheese or Red Hot. Now that's saying something! Alton, you're a genius.

QUESTION: What's your favorite way to eat the humble, delicious, protein-packed egg? Last night I poached an egg for the first time in a very long time. I can't wait to share the recipe with you soon!

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  1. We never have eggs for dinner...but we did this week and I loved it! We had it with an arugula salad and asparagus - so good! A little bit of fat in eggs goes a long way, I'm sure! I hardly ever make scrambled eggs...I love a dippy yolk! ;)

  2. I love eggs for dinner. In fact, I had eggs for dinner tonight. Eggs with a little cheese and a nice side of veggies, which were left over from dinner the other night. I made stir fried veggies to have with my fish, but I made way to many veggies, so I have been eating leftovers.

    I really love my eggs over easy, very runny so I can dip. I hadn't eaten them in years, and then when I was 21 and in Madrid I ordered huevos madrillenos, which sounded so fancy. You can imagine how surprised I was to be served eggs over easy with toast. I don't know what it was, maybe just that I was in Madrid, but those may be the best eggs I ever had. I'll have to order them again when I am in Madrid in May and see if they are as good as I remember.

  3. I got excited when I saw your post title! I lovvvve Alton...I used to be glued to his show because I loved learning random things like how to tell if an eggplant is male or female (and which would taste better----of course, I've forgotten now, but still!).... and all the scientific stuff he talked about. I'll say I was disappointed when he started doing Welch's (sugar) juice commercials. Oh well, he's still smart!

    I'll try his eggs---I eat eggs everyday in some form. And am happy to say my cholesterol has gone down since I started doing so (and they keep me full forever, which is more than I can say for oatmeal!).
    My fave way to make them lately is in coconut flour flatbread---it doesn't taste like eggs (unless I put eggs in the sandwich too), but b/c of the nature of coconut flour, the recipe for one sandwich includes 1T flour and 1 egg--so technically I think it is an "egg recipe!"

    Thanks for sharing this--I'm excited to try it!

  4. Alton *is* a genius! My younger daughter pretty much worships him; "Good Eats" is her favorite show. I have never met an egg I didn't like.

  5. I love cooking with whole foods; eggs, cream, whole milk, butter. They are so good and nutritious! I little bit does go a long way, but that is OK, its worth it. Butter does make everything better!!

  6. Growing up, my friend's parents always added milk to their eggs, and I always thought it was so strange since we didn't really have milk in my house, thus it wasn't part of our scrambled eggs. I bet the whole milk really adds a decadence to these though. Love how you made broccoli a mandatory side dish!

  7. I generally like scrambled eggs that are softer and a bit undercooked.

  8. We are having eggs for dinner on Friday! I like egg white omelettes or fried eggs. Love to add green pepper, onion, and tomato. So good! -Tricia

  9. I love fried egg with runny yolk, scrambled egg with veggies and omelette. I think I like eggs in all form and how easy is to get protein meal with very little cooking! :)

  10. I love fried egg with runny yolk, scrambled egg with veggies and omelette. I think I like eggs in all form and how easy is to get protein meal with very little cooking! :)