Monday, November 26, 2012

Motivational Monday: Working Out, As The Days Get Shorter

In order to stay healthy, vibrant, energized, and well, we can't just count on our healthy diet to do all the work, we also need to exercise our bodies.  Today's "Motivational Monday" topic was spawned from this article found on (as well as the countless chats I've had with friends, family members, and clients about how the "short days" leave zero time for work outs).  Did you know the following information?

About 4 to 6 percent of people may have winter depression. Another 10 to 20 percent may have mild SAD. SAD is four times more common in women than in men. Although some children and teenagers get SAD, it usually doesn't start in people younger than age 20. Your chance of getting SAD goes down as you get older. (Source)

Did you know that countless studies have shown that working out actually improves mood and may even reduce your risk of depression? You probably already knew that, but does that fact alone actually motivate you to get up, get out, and workout as the days get shorter?? Maybe not.  Here are some of my tips, in addition to tips from the article

1)  Remind yourself that you will never regret a workout. Period.
2)  Don't listen to what you hear on TV about certain times of day being better for workouts. Workout whenever it's best for you.
3)  Really take note of how you feel after a workout, and throughout the day.  If you pay close attention you will realize that you feel better and are actually less hungry on days you workout (especially if your workouts are consistent).
4)  Join a gym with windows, so you don't feel like you're still inside if you prefer working out with weights and machines.

5) Find an exercise partner who will keep you motivated, and provide you more desire to actually get up and exercise!
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6)  Find an exercise you actually enjoy, so you will actually do it. Make exercise a priority, not a "maybe".  Treat exercise like an important meeting, you have to go!
7)  Load your iPod with motivational songs that keep you moving.
8)  Take vitamin D.  I'm still convinced that the reason we get more colds in the winter is because we don't see the sun as much, thus we don't often get enough vitamin D. I take 2000 IU per day in the winter, but typically 1000 IU is sufficient (as long as your also getting some in food).
9)  Think about how exercise can boost your immune system.  You don't want to be like this lady, do you?

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10) This is reserved for YOUR tip.  Go ahead and share your tips!  My tip? Stop making excuses. Period.  Who makes excuses for their health and mental/physical wellbeing?  It's just not right!

Tomorrow I will be posting about Simple vs. Complex carbohydrates (did you know one isn't always better than the other??) and then Wednesday you get to see the tasty sides I made on Thanksgiving.  And seriously, they were delicious, if I do say so myself :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great tips! I actually look forward to working out in the winter- it's the only time I sign-up for a gym membership and get to catch-up on all my favorite Food Network shows :)

  2. great topic, I was reading in Natural Health Magazine about SAD and I think your timing is perfect. Let's address it before we're blue/blah. Omega 3's for mood in the winter (also rhodiola), love the workout tips I think time outside is key, even if it's cold. And light boxes.

  3. A great list of tips, especially at this time of year! Luckily it's been sunny, but I still know about those winter blahs. My favorite tip goes along with #6 - make exercise a part of your routine and it will be a no-brainer.

    Have a great day, Gina!

  4. Great tips! My tips would be..attend a class thats fun! I also find that when I go to classes I try and stand next to one of the fittest people in the class to motivate myself.

  5. Music helps me so much in the winter! When it is dark and dreary it is easy to half-heartedly complete my workout. But some rocking music gets me moving! Christmas music helps me to feel good about the weather too! Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great tips and perfect timing for my December FItness Giveaway! Unfortunately I am starting to feel like the photo of that lady blowing her nose today and my vitamin D bottle is empty :-( I love all your tips & will add in this one...Try a Pedometer for motivation! I just bought one and am on day 5 getting my baseline. Once I have that, I plan on increasing my step average by 10 % each day until I am averaging over 10,00 steps per day. I hope you join my challenge!

  7. I definitely can understand how people feel like they can't work out as much in the winter because of the shorter days. Workout motivation isn't a huge problem for me ever, but I do find in general I am far less productive at night in the winter because I feel like it's bedtime at like 6:30 haha. I think it helps you have a workout buddy or a set gym time to help. :) I also feel like if I don't workout I go a little crazy in winter!