Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post-Christmas "Detox"

After two days and nights of a few too many of these....


...... way too many FODMAPS.......

It's hard going to two Italian dinners and having to avoid garlic, onion, wheat and ricotta.  So....I don't avoid them.  I deal with the pain.  It's typically worth it :)

......and more sugar than I should eat in even an entire week ....


I told Nick I needed to detox.  He laughed.  So did I.

First Christmas as a married couple.  It was wonderful.  

After all, that's what our kidneys and livers are for, right?  We are already detoxing from all the crap we've eaten in the last two days, we just don't know it.   However, as much as I hate the word "detox", Nick and I have our own way of detoxing, and that just means easing our way back into a diet full of vegetables, fruits, lots of water, and lean proteins.  Period.  For me it also means no FODMAPS. Zip, zilch, nada (not even the leftovers, boo hoo!!).  Our "detox" doesn't mean we can't have sugar or alcohol, it just means starting today we will be going back to just one (for me) or two (for Nick) drinks a day (that is, if we decide to drink) and if we have a dessert we will make sure it's just that; a dessert (not desserts, pilled on a plate).  Here is today's plan; 

Morning:  2 cups black coffee, lots of water, WORKOUT

Post Workout:  High-protein cereal, plain Greek yogurt, pumpkin puree, frozen blueberries, unsweetened cocoa and Stevia

Afternoon: WATER, WATER, WATER (soda water, perhaps....)

Lunch:  A bowl of veggies (~2 cups cooked), with about 1 tsp. freshly grated parmesan and maybe some nutritional yeast

Late afternoon:  WATER, WATER, WATER, and some type of snack, such as some pomegranates or granola (or both)

Dinner:  Maple mustard Salmon that my wonderful aunt gave me last night, with more vegetables (maybe a fresh spinach salad)

Late night:  Slightly dirty martini (hey, I'm still on vacation!) and a square of EXTRA dark chocolate

QUESTION:  How did you spend the holidays?  Did you eat and/or drink too much?  Do you detox? If so, what's your method for detoxing?!

Aside from the food and drink aspect, Nick and I had an amazing Christmas and we're so excited to see what 2013 will bring.  I really hope everyone enjoyed their holiday with family and friends.  I will be back tomorrow with a new recipe for shrimp cocktail dip!


  1. this is a very sensible plan gina and yes i ate and drank way too much. but for us too, it is about going back to what feels right immediately and not withholding too much because that jsut leads to disaster!

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  3. what a beautiful picture of your first Christmas as a married couple!!!

    i have a normal work week this week but still trying to feel as if it is the holidays which has led to WAY too many sweets and a few too many cocktails, but figure life will get back to normal next week. in order to "detox" i've been working out quite a bit more than normal!

  4. Good "detox" plan. I like it...and yes, typically that word makes me cringe (too)! Glad you have a nice holiday this year.

  5. haha, yes, i hate the word detox too! but it's a fun word. I just load up on more veggies, fresh juice, kombucha, and water. Yes, perfect balance!

  6. you remind me that i should detox from brussel sprouts - they're SO good but too much just is not good hahaha. you guys look beautiful in front of the xmas tree!! so fun your first xmas as a married couple! merry xmas to you & nick! xoxo