Thursday, February 21, 2013

Workout Your Body Without Working Out Your Wallet

I normally discuss a "thrifty" meal idea on Thursdays, but today I want to discuss some thrifty workouts.  After all, one of the most common complaints I hear from clients about working out (other than, "I don't want to") is; "I don't have the money!".  But let's be honest, you don't have to join an expensive gym to get a good workout.  In fact, most gyms these days aren't even expensive.  Have you seen the deals lately??  Some cost as little at $20/month.  You can give up 3-4 day's worth of Starbucks coffee to pay for that!

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 Check out the list of the 10 Fitness Trends predicted for this year:

How can these be seen as "thrifty", you ask?  Let me explain...

  • Check out "Trend #1": The fitness instructor field is becoming as popular as the nutrition professional field!  While many trainers can cost an arm and a leg, others don't charge much.  Do some research, talk to friends, and remember you don't always need to sign-up for several visits, sometimes just 2-3 visits with a trainer is enough to teach you some new moves and to motivate you to keep up the workouts!
And then there are fitness magazines, which include routines created by fitness instructors.  These are great, and inexpensive.

  • Check out "Trend #3:  Body weight training might sound unfamiliar, but it's actually something that you've been doing for years.  Think push-ups, sit ups, leg raises, etc.  Actually, running and walking could be considered body weight training too, right?!  I mean the more you weigh the harder it will be!  These are all moves you can do without any equipment, other than your own body.  Talk about cheap!
See that counter corner?  I've used this to do dips with my arms, and leg raises.  This was I'm using my own body weight and my own household equipment to do a workout. Brilliant, I know!

  • Check out "Trend #5":  You may not need to join a gym and hire a dietitian, but before you waste your money trying to lose weight simply by doing one or the other, I'll tell you right now you have to have both changes in your diet and changes in your workout routine if you want to lose weight and keep it off.  If you can't afford a trainer and a dietitian right now, I would highly suggest starting by looking into one of the new fitness gadgets that can at least help you track your calories, food, and workouts.  This can be a nice start, but eventually a visit to a dietitian and a trainer is a good idea, even if just for a couple visits.  Trust me, it will save you money in the long run.  Another fun gadget to consider is the FitBit (I've been hearing a lot about it lately...check it out)

  • Check out "Trend #7":  Does your work place have a wellness program? Look into it! My workplace has deals with just about all of the local gyms as part of their wellness program.  We also do wellness challenges throughout the year.  You can only find out about these if you ask. So.....ask away!  And if your work place has nothing, why not start a wellness program yourself? Or at least create your own challenge amongst your co-workers and yourself.
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  • Check out Trend #10; I worked at a gym for a year and loved that the trainers would train two people at once, and only charge each person half. What a deal!  Also, some larger gyms will do group training sessions for a really great price (and of course there are group classes, which can cost as little as $5).  Have you signed up for Groupons yet? If not, you should, as there are often great deals for workout classes!  Another great website to join is LivingSocial, they often have great deals for group classes.

Other ideas?  Find a walking partner.  Whether it's a neighbor, close friend, or family member, find someone you can count on and who won't come up with excuses.  You can use your neighborhood as your "free gym".


And let's not forget the old standbys, Smart Phone apps......

Amazon videos (this one below cost me $9 and I'll have it on my computer forever!)  The key is not to buy it unless you'll actually use it, and trust me, I do, about 3 days a week.....

Or, make up your own workout routine.  Why not?!

And don't forget these 10 Exercise Gadgets That Fit Your Budget!

QUESTION:  What's your favorite "money saving, and thrifty" workout?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. great tips! Sometimes I'll also rent videos from the library just to see if I like them and to do something a little different!

  2. The older I get, the more I like brisk walks as one of my main forms of exercise. I have a weak ankle that I have injured many times over the years and even had surgery on. While it can't handle running very well, walks work well. And they are free! :) I have a FitBit, which makes keeping track of steps/miles fun!

    I also love my workout DVDs. It's so convenient to work out at home!

  3. You're can be totally relatively inexpensive or even free. I use an app on my ipad called Fitness Class and its only $10/month and it has hundreds of classes - cardio, dance, strength training, yoga, quick workouts, long ones, etc. Anything you can imagine! I love it!

  4. If you have a Lululemon nearby, the store offers free yoga in-store weekly and mine is even offering a free monthly crossfit-like class. Many yoga studios are promoting pay what you can or donation only classes. And you don't have to live in a cosmopolitan city. I live near a small country town and notice that one of the local churches offers yoga, kickboxing, and Zumba during the week. is also free.

  5. Yes- I second the Lululemon comment, I always say I am going to try their free fitness classes. I have also used Groupon as a fun way to try new gyms/workouts. I pay $40 a month for my gym and I use it almost exclusively for swimming because I run outside or on my own treadmill and go to yoga at a studio. Honestly I barely even notice it on my credit card bill so it's worth it. My mom ALWAYS says that a gym/workout equipment is the best money you can spend :)

    I've also noticed a lot of workout ideas on pinterest. Of course like anything online you have to know something before you just blindly follow these plans :)