Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Cabinets, And The Best Shoes of 2011/2012


I'm happy to say that on the last evening of 2011/first evening of 2012, I had the hottest shoes in town. Ladies were even commenting on them in the bathroom. Seriously, they were worth the $40 (discounted from $90) at White House Black Market. And to be honest, they were pretty darn easy to walk in.

And other than the shoe picture, this was the only picture I have from New Year's Eve. I made a resolution to not take pictures if I don't feel like it. And I didn't feel like it.

We actually had a lot of fun this year on New Year's Eve, because we didn't make a big deal out of it. Isn't that always the case? For many years my friends and I would get so excited about New Year's Eve, and we'd make it into such a huge deal, then it was never as fun as we hoped. This year we had a nice dinner then went back to our friend's house to relax and watch the ball drop. It was perfect. Now that it's the new year I just have to pray that I get any time to breath, as work is going to start picking up (you know, new year's resolutions and all....) and I can no longer be in relaxed holiday mode :( Oh well. You know me, I love to be busy!

Speaking of busy, Nick and I have been working on our nasty cabinets for the past month and a half.

We knew we could never make our kitchen bigger, but back in 2011 Nick and I both knew we could at least make our kitchen look nicer by taking down these ugly cabinets (which look a lot nicer from far away, if you can believe it.....) and painting them.

During the past month we have been living with the food, utensils, and other equipment from our cabinets scattered around our house...

Once the cabinets were painted we started putting things back and we've been living without the doors for about a week, while they get painted. Can you tell the cabinets were painted? Probably not, but I promise you they look MUCH better. They were previously stained in numerous places, chipped, and turning yellow. I know, gross.

The doors received their last coat of paint last night and will be added to the cabinets today. They will also be planed so they shut correctly. We're also going to add those neat gadgets that help your cabinets close slowly. So after everything is finished we will have gone from white, stained, chipped, uneven, and loud cabinets to cream, smooth and stainless, planed, and softly closing cabinets. I love it. I couldn't be more excited!

QUESTION: What are you most excited for in the new year? For me it's obvious.. my wedding!!


  1. when we expect less we get more! I know what you mean by getting too excited about the new hear eve and then when it actually happens you don't feel it's that great, but if you don't expect much, actually you would enjoy more. that happens often and I think it's good that as we q
    age we realize that and learn to relax and let it excite us instead! :)
    happy new year Gina! I love your sheoes too, so shinny! :)

  2. Smokin shoes! I love them!!!! Oooolalala!
    Fun face lift to the kitchen...I'm excited to see the after pics!
    Most excited about for 2012? Embracing the city and spending more time with my friends and best friend, Brian!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Completely agree about New Years. I used to hate New Years because it was a pain to plan and difficult to see everyone I wanted to, etc. So finally I stopped putting in really any effort at all and I've enjoyed a low key but wonderful New Years for the last several years!

  4. omg your house looks AMAZING! haha i'm most excited for your wedding as well ;)

    no this year i'm most excited to start a brand new job and move to brooklyn!!!!! it's in the stars for me this year at some point haha i've got 364 days to get shit doneee.

    fierce. shoez.

  5. LOVE those shoes!!! And yes, totally agree about New Year's Eve-- it's like prom. Everyone puts so much pressure on it to be the BEST TIME EVER that it usually kind of sucks. We've had low-key nights for the past two or three years, and they've been awesome!

  6. I continue to be very excited about my weight loss. I have set a goal to be under 200 lbs by end of March and I am super excited by the realistic thought that I am going to achieve it.

    I don't know how anyone can look at your shoes when you have such a stunning smile..

  7. Love the shoes, but im even more excited for your new kitchen cabinets! Love home improvement projects :-). Sounds like a lovely New Year's eve, and I hope your 2012 is off to a fabulous start!!

  8. Awesome shoes!

    I love your resolution to only take pictures when you feel like it! I am doing the same thing, and I feel like I'm actually living more and enjoying things more!

    Wishing you a happy & healthy 2012!

  9. I love, love, love those shoes! And they don't look comfy, but I'm glad they were! We had a super relaxing NYE, too. I've been sick, so it was very low-key :) We definitely need to get together soon...send me a list of best dates for you coming up??

    And, Happy New Year!! Congrats on the cabinets! Even though I saw them (and thought they looked just fine!), I know that was #1 on your home-improvement list! :)

  10. I'm so excited for you and your wedding year!! Yay!!! :-)

    The cabinets look awesome! What an impressive project!

  11. Fun shoes always give me a lift-and girl, those shoes are fab-u-lous!

    I was gone from blogging so long I some how missed your engagement, congratulations!! You're going to be such a pretty bride.

  12. So excited for you to be getting married in 2012! Love the new cabinets. It is amazing what a little makeover can do to a room. I love White House Black Market and their shoes are usually pretty comfortable despite the giant heels. I love your sparkley ones. I am most looking forward to my app coming out (Eat Well Japan, for a company that as RD or equivalent written apps for food and nutrition in the countries where they live, which for me is Japan). I am also very much looking forward to starting my doctoral degree and going to 2 big nutrition conferences-one in Israel and one in Australia. I guess most importantly I am looking forward to settling in to life in Japan and spending time with my husband. I wish you all the best in 2012!

  13. Eep! A wedding?! How wonderful!

    Wishing you lots of love and happiness in 2012, and a beautiful wedding!

  14. Wow, those shoes are fantastic! Glad that you had a good new year's eve. The kitchen looks fantastic. I'm just like you - can't wait to get back to getting things done!

  15. Hi Gina. WOW...those shoes are HOT!!!!!! This will be a big year for you. Wishing you and your fiance easy wedding planning, tons of fun, lots of love, and girl, keep wearing those shoes!! Happy New Year!!!!!

  16. Great shoes and from what I can see great backsplash too, is it silver? I sense a theme. Happy New Year, hope work isn't too crazy with the resoluters and all.

  17. gorgeous shoes! Glad you had a nice time. Yay for new cabinets and wedding!

  18. It's good to see the new look of your kitchen. The idea of renovating it and changing the paint color are perfect. I like the idea of using white/cream paint. It made your kitchen neater and cleaner. I also like the hanging cabinets. By the way, just a reminder, you need to check the adherence of the cabinet to ensure that they will never ever fall. In case you see some defects, then you need to remove all the things inside to lighten the weight and try to fix the screws or spikes to make it sturdier.