Friday, August 24, 2012

Brussel Sprouts and Bacon. A Match Made in Heaven.

Bacon and Dijon Brussel Sprouts
(Makes 4 servings)

~15-20 fresh brussel sprouts, cut in half
2 slices nitrate-free bacon
2 T dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste


Cook the bacon on a skillet until nice and crispy. Transport the bacon onto a plate and allow to cool. Meanwhile, add the brussel sprouts to the skillet with the bacon fat (I poured some of the fat out, and left about 1 T). Saute the brussel sprouts for about 10 minutes, or until they start to get soft. While they are sauteing, break the bacon into little pieces and add to a bowl. Once the brussel sprouts are cooked, add them to the bowl with the bacon, then add and mix in in the dijon mustard. ENJOY!

The best part about this recipe was that Nick loved it so much that he actually requested it again the following day!

Estimated Nutrition Facts
(Serving Size: 1/4th of total recipe)
If you want to learn more about the amazing nutritional benefits of brussel sprouts (a cruciferous vegetable) check out this link. Two of the highlights of this vegetable are it's cholesterol-lowering ability and it's chemoprotective ability.

Have you ever taken a vegetable that a loved one or friend claimed to "hate" and created a version of it that he/she actually loved?!

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  1. Look at simple!!! Few ingredients, nutritious and yummy...this is my song! :)
    My Brian 'hates' lemon flavor desserts (can you IMAGINE???). I made him sample a lemon bar and he loved it...imagine that, I mean REALLY...not like lemon??? ;)

  2. I think Brussels get such a bad rap! People who claim to hate them just haven't had them served right-- like this!!

  3. Brussel sprouts and bacon together is what made us start loooooooving Brussels. Such a good combo.

  4. I'm so sorry it's taken me to the age of 51 to try brussel sprouts. They might smell up my house, but they're worth every bite. I'll try your bacon version. Maybe the bacon smell will keep my family from complaining. :)

  5. I'm a big fan of brussels, but usually just do coconut oil, purple onion, and some sea salt....this recipe sounds AMAZING!

    I'm definitely go to try it as soon as I can find prettier brussels in the store (they've looked icky lately).

    Roasted brussels is definitely a dish I've used to convert people....I don't know, I guess in the old days people always boiled their veggies, so I can see why people who have only had brussels sprouts that way hate them!

  6. Mmm...looks delicious to me! My hubby professes to be "not a big fan of kale" but he gobbles up my kale pasta and pistachio salad, and my kale Caesar. Go figure :-)

  7. I had a really difficult time getting used to this vegetable; it's definitely one of the more bitter ones! Now, I actually enjoy Brussels sprouts. Love the idea of dijon mustard. Way to get Nick to like these guys!